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Micro-/Nanoparticle Synthesis

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Creative Diagnostics offers quality custom Micro-/Nanoparticle Synthesis Services, to meet our clients’ very specific and unique requirements. With years of expertise in Micro-/Nanomaterial research and development, fabricating and processing, Creative Diagnostics established multifunctional Micro-/Nanoparticle Manufacturing Platforms to support various types of research as biological, chemical, medical sciences and so on. In recent years, we developed solutions for the contract projects of custom Micro-/Nanoparticle fabrication, kg scale production, cooperative research and development involving a broad range of materials.

Figure 1. Micro-/Nanoparticle Manufacturing Service - Creative Diagnostics

Our Featured Services

✔ Customized Solutions

We develop a customized plan from initial discussion with each client for their target applications to optimization procedure by our experienced specialists. We would pay more attention to the requirements which are most important to our clients so we can be more constructive and cost-effective to meet our clients’ expectations.

✔ Our Capabilities

We specialize in fabricating Micro-/Nanomaterials as magnetic particles, gold nanoparticles, silica particles, polymer particles, quantum dots, etc., and also offer a wide selection of various custom services listed below.

After years of effort, we’ve assembled a complete set of characterization and manufacturing equipment that allows us to maintain cost efficiency and compliance.

1. Surface Modification

Creative Diagnostics offers well-established solutions for custom surfaces. Surface modification is a universal tool and has been widely used in material science and engineering that has significantly changed the characteristics of micro-/nanoparticles in their applications. At Creative Diagnostics, all material formats as follows listed on our website could be customized to possess specific functional groups, polymers, biomolecules surface, or inorganic coatings.

  • Gold/silver Particles
  • Magnetic Particles
  • Polymer Particles (PS/PLGA/PMMA/PLA)
  • Silica/Titania Particles
  • Quantum Dots and Upconverting Nanoparticles

We have successful experiences in offering services of Custom Polymers, Functional Groups, and Multiple Structures. Order Cases are listed below for reference.

★ Creative Diagnostics can provide Custom Polymers as PEG with length and MW changings.

Custom Polymers

Absolute Mag™ PEG-N3 Magnetic Nanoparticles, Dextran Coated
Absolute Mag™ PEG-Alkyne Magnetic Nanoparticles, Dextran Coated
Absolute Mag™ COOH-PEG 3000Da/5000Da Magnetic Particles, Gold Coated
DiagNano™ PEG Gold Nanoparticles, MWPEG = 1KDa, 2KDa, 3KDs, 5KDa, 10KDa, etc.
DiagNano™ PEG-Maleimide Gold Nanoparticles
DiagNano™ PEG, QD 525 nm conjugate
DiagNano™ PEG Quantum Dots, 800 nm for in vivo imaging
DiagNano™ PEG Coated Upconverting Nanoparticles, 660 nm
DiagNano™ PLGA-Coated Silica Particles

★ Creative Diagnostics can provide various types of particles modified with Custom Functional Groups, such as amino acids, azides, alkyne, hydrazide, DBCO, quercetin, and heparin, to fit different purposes.

Custom Functional Groups

Absolute Mag™ Alkyne Magnetic Dextran Nanoparticles
Absolute Mag™ Ni-NTA Magnetic Particles, Dextran-coated
Absolute Mag™ Hydrazide Magnetic Particles
Absolute Mag™ Chitosan Magnetic Particles, Polysaccharide
Absolute Mag™ Hexa His Silica Magnetic Particles
DiagNano™ Lysine Silica Particles
DiagNano™ 3C-Amine Silica Particles
DiagPoly™ DBCO Polystyrene Particles
DiagPoly™ Quercetin Modified PLGA Particles
DiagNano™ TSIL Gold Nanoparticles

★ Creative Diagnostics can provide Multiple Structures as examples of beads-dextran-PEG-alkyne and controllable size of gold/silica/magnetite coatings on the particle surface.

Multiple Structures

Absolute Mag™ Citrate Gold Coated Magnetic Particles, 8 nm Core, 2 nm Au shell
Absolute Mag™ Citrate Gold Coated Magnetic Particles, 10 nm Core, 2 nm Au shell
Absolute Mag™ Citrate Gold Coated Magnetic Particles, 20 nm Core, 2 nm Au shell
Absolute Mag™ Citrate Gold Coated Magnetic Particles, 45 nm Core, 2 nm Au shell
Absolute Mag™ Citrate Gold Coated Magnetic Particles, 70 nm Core, 2 nm Au shell
Absolute Mag™ Citrate Gold Coated Magnetic Particles, 95 nm Core, 2 nm Au shell
Absolute Mag™ Gold Coated Magnetic Particles, COOH-PEG 3KDa
DiagNano™ Gold Coated Polystyrene Particles
DiagNano™ Dense Silica Coated Upconverting Nanoparticles
Absolute Mag™ Silica Coated Magnetic Particles
Absolute Mag™ Alkyne Magnetic Nanoparticles, Dextran Coated
Absolute Mag™ Streptavidin/Biotin Magnetic Nanoparticles, Dextran Coated

2. Fluorescence Labeling

Creative Diagnostics has unique and unrivalled expertise in R&D, offering our clients the best quality and stable fluorescence internal or external the particles. Each label service is meticulously monitored according to our stringent quality assurance and quality control standards to achieve the best performances.

We offer following fluorophores (Table 1) and also other custom fluorophores for your options (see cases in Table 2).

Table 1. Fluorophores and their Excitation/Emission Wavelength

Fluorophore NameExcitation (nm)Emission (nm)
Texas Red592614

Table 2. Creative Diagnostics Fluorescent Label Service

DiagNano™ Alexafluor 488 Fluorescent, Silica Nanoparticles
Absolute Mag™ Fluorescent Streptavidin Magnetic Particles, Excitation 647 nm
Absolute Mag™ Rhodamine B Fluorescent Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
DiagNano™ Cy5 Fluorescent Polystyrene Particles, Gold Coated
DiagPoly™ Europium Carboxylate Polystyrene Nanoparticles
DiagNano™ AF 546 Labeled Protein A Gold Nanoparticles
DiagNano™ AF 555 Labeled Streptavidin Gold Nanoparticles
DiagNano™ AF 594 Labeled Streptavidin Gold Nanoparticles
DiagNano™ AF647 (646/662nm) Labeled PEG Gold Nanoparticles
DiagNano™ IRDye 800 Labeled TSIL Gold Nanoparticles
DiagNano™ Taxes Red Labeled Gold Nanoparticles
DiagNano™ FITC Labeled Streptavidin Gold Nanoparticles

Please tell us your requests for fluorophores (Ex/Em, hydrophilicity or other properties), we will provide the best options for you.

3. Size and Shape Customization

Creative Diagnostics’s scientists are proficient in size control with years of experiences which ensures uniformity and monodispersity. We can customize particle sizes from several nanometers to hundreds of nanometers (metal particles) or even hundreds of micrometers (polymer/silica particles) with specific pore sizes (0-1000 angstroms). And we have worked with quite a lot different clients to provide silica/PS/PMMA particles in tens of micros with 100, 300, 500, 1000 angstroms pores inside as an example. We also developed customized layer size of core-shell constructs like Gold coated Magnetic NPs and Silica coated Magnetic NPs (Featured Products).

Creative Diagnostics provides a long list of Special Shape Particles in a wide range of different morphology and dimensionality (Table 3).

Table 3. Creative Diagnostics Custom Size and Shape

Custom SizeParticle sizeNanoscale and Microscale
Pore size0-1000 angstroms
Custom shapeNanoCubes, NanoStars, Nanotubes, NanoBipyramids, NanoClusters,    NanoHollows, NanoCages, NanoShuttles, NanoPlates, Nano-Chains and others.

4. Biomolecule Conjugation

We offers particle conjugation service which can be used in diagnostic tests and numerous related biological applications. Biomolecules include antibodies, antigens, protein A/G, lectins, toxins, oligonucleotides, carbohydrates, and bio-targeting molecules (see cases in Table 4) upon requests. Normal types of particles are all acceptable for the conjugation service.

Table 4. Creative Diagnostics Custom Conjugation Cases

DiagNano™ Anti-Beta Luteinizing Hormone (LH) Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles
DiagNano™ Anti-Beta hCG Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles
DiagNano™ Anti-Rabbit IgG Conjugated Upconverting Nanoparticles, 545 nm
DiagNano™ Goat Anti-Mouse IgG Conjugated Upconverting Nanoparticles, 365 nm/475 nm or 545 nm/660 nm
DiagNano™ mAb/Streptavidin/Biotin/IgG/Protein A/Protein G QD conjugate
DiagPoly™ anti-Human CD235a monoclonal antibody Polystyrene Particles
Absolute Mag™ Anti-E. coli O26/O45/O103/O111/O121/O145/O157 Magnetic Particles
Absolute Mag™ HIV p24 Conjugated Magnetic Particles
Absolute Mag™ Anti-Human IgG (H&L) Magnetic Polystyrene Particles
Absolute Mag™ Donkey Anti-Goat IgG Magnetic Particles
Absolute Mag™ IgG Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

5. Dye/Drug Delivery

Creative Diagnostics also offers custom solutions for nanoparticle-based drug targeting and delivery system. We provide kinds of particles like metallic, silica/carbon-based, polymeric particles as delivery matrix. Dyes, small molecule drugs, protein drugs, nucleic acids with optical, magnetic and thermal features as cargos. Based on our experiences with clients, we can help to entrap small molecules in different size and matrix particles to get them encapsulated at exact proposed concentrations. As an example, the concentration of melanin encapsulated in PLGA particles with diameter 500 nm or 1000 nm can be designed at exact proposed value (as 5, 10, 15, 20 mg/mL) on request. Then modifying the nanocarries with targetings like receptor-specific ligands to complete the delivery construction.

Report & Collaboration

We provide regular reports, and conference calls to share our latest data and results, then discuss experimental details and answer questions. We will set options for next move, collaboratively confirm project directions and make strategic decisions. We dedicate to select the appropriate performance criteria according to the end product’s requirements to develop high quality, high production and yield, as well as high reproducibility of manufacturing and processing methods.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need free consultation and a detailed quotation of your project. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, from Monday to Sunday.

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