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Antibody Immobilization

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Creative Diagnostics offers custom service for immobilization of antibody on the surface of particles and substrate. We are experienced in conjugating antibodies with comprehensive supports as beads, macro carriers, silicon, gold nanoparticles and antibody microarray printing technology as well.

Creative Diagnostics is dedicated to developing our immobilization service with minimized structure changes, mild reaction conditions and simple implementation to suit your research requirement. Our experienced scientists are proficient in optimizing methods of site-selective immobilization and secondary ligands covalent attachment immobilization rather than non-oriented random immobilization which can cause considerable denaturation of adsorbed antibodies. Covalently site-selective immobilization of antibodies exploits multiple groups generated by a series of activation chemistry. We also employed protein A and protein G, which have a high affinity for certain regions of antibodies, modified on the surface of the support to achieve antibody immobilization. Creative Diagnostics offers oriented antibody immobilization as well as retaining the activity of immobilized antibodies with our state-of-the-art techniques.

Key Features:

  • Flexible and stable surface modification
  • Selectable antibody-binding sites
  • Homogeneous orientation
  • Retention functionality of antibodies
  • High efficiently and reproducibly

Also, Creative Diagnostics offers antibody microarray printing and custom gold nanoparticle conjugation service for clients with special needs. Please contact us by and discuss your customization demands.

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