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Immunomagnetic Beads Preparation
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Creative Diagnostics provides one-stop and full-range of custom immunomagnetic beads preparation services, including beads modification and bioconjugation. With our experience and expertise in magnetic beads preparation and application, we have successfully built our technology platform to deliver high quality service and products that suit your research objectives, budget, and timeline requirement.

Features of our Immunomagnetic Beads Preparation Service include, but are not limited to:

• Wide applications: cell isolation, RNA/DNA extraction, and protein purification.
• Deliver high quality beads with excellent dispersity in physiological solutions.
• Custom beads coating with various materials, including silane, gold and polymers, and come with polymeric coating and functionalization.
• High affinity bioconjugation with various biomolecules, such as antibody, biotin, streptavidin, lectin, protein A/G, and other molecules as requested.
• Strong and experienced Ph.D level scientist team works seamlessly with the production team to deliver the highest quality of service to meet the timeline and objectives of your research projects.

Immunomagnetic Beads Preparation

Figure 1. Schematic of an immunomagnetic bead for cells and biomolecules separation

Magnetic Beads Modification

Our beads modification services include polymeric coating and functionalization. We offer custom beads coating with various materials including silane, gold and polymers. These coating materials can be functionalized with terminal active groups for conjugation with biomolecules.

Magnetic Beads Bioconjugation

Creative Diagnostics offers custom service for conjugation of magnetic beads with a wide range of biomolecules, including antibody, biotin, streptavidin, lectin, protein A/G, and other molecules as requested.

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