Immobilization of Antibody on Beads

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Immobilization of Antibody on Beads
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Creative Diagnostics provides custom services for site-selective antibody immobilization on beads. Our experienced scientists are proficient in optimizing your antibody immobilization with site-selective and cross-linking immobilization methods. Our expertise and years of experience ensure right orientation and conformation of the immobilized antibody for accessibility to the target antigens in solution.

Site-selective Antibody immobilization

Creative Diagnostics offers custom services for covalently site-selective antibody immobilization on beads. Thiol groups in cysteine residues, as well as aldehyde groups generated from carbohydrate residues are commonly used for site-selective immobilization of antibody.

A series of activation chemistry can be applied to couple thiol group to solid beads, such as divinylsulfone, epoxy, maleimide, iodoacetyl/bromoacetyl, TNB-thiol, or tresyl chloride/tosyl chloride. On the other hand, aldehyde groups can be generated from carbohydrate residues of antibodies by mild oxidation agents including periodate or enzyme. Sulfhydryl and carbohydrate based strategies endow the immobilized antibodies or antibody fragments fairly well defined points of attachment and greater accessibility to the target proteins.

Immobilization of Antibody on Beads

Cross-linking of Antibodies to Protein A and G Beads

Protein A and protein G are two most commonly used ligands for the immobilization of antibodies, especially IgG-class antibodies. Creative Diagnostics provides cross-linking services for antibodies immobilization by using two kinds of the imidoester cross-linker: dimethyl pimelidate (DMP) and the NHS cross-linker disuccinimidylsuberate (DSS). Both DMP and DSS cross-link amine group on lysine residues within the antibodies to amine groups on lysine side chains within Protein A or G.

Cross-linking of Antibodies to Protein A and G Beads

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