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Beads Based Multiplex Assay

Creative Diagnostics provides custom Multiplex Assay based on Luminex xMAP technology. Our CD-MultiplexTM beads based multiplex assay system can measure up to 500 analytes in a single sample, which can meet your need for preclinical and clinical researches. The CD-MultiplexTM system allows scientists to obtain precise results easier and more efficient, using smaller sample volume in a high-throughput format.

CD-MultiplexTM uses magnetic beads modified with unique fluorpohores of differing intensities. Individual beads are differentiated with others through a unique number, and then each group of beads is conjugated with a customized detection antibody specific to a unique analyte. Multiple color-coded and antibody-conjugated beads are added to a single well of a microplate, and multiple analytes can be detected in one sample simultaneously.

Beads Based Multiplex Assay

Creative Diagnostics offers multiple assays for quantitative detection of a variety of proteins and peptides including cytokines, hormone, signal transducers, as well as disease biomarkers. Our CD-MultiplexTM assays follows rigorous quality control and validation to ensure the reliability and specificity.

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