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Beads Based Kits Development

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Creative Diagnostics offers quality custom Beads Based Kits Development services, to meet your very specific and unique requirement in bioseparation and immunoassay. With years of expertise in immunoassay and antibody development, Creative Diagnostics has constructed a solid technical foundation for immunomagnetic separation and immunoassay. Our experienced scientists can design an extensive range of magnetic beads based immunoassay kits for the isolation of desired biomolecules or cell populations.

Beads Based Kits Development

Creative Diagnostics has strong expertise in magnetic bioseparation and immunoassay. Our custom magnetic Beads Based Kits enable easy and efficient immunomagnetic separation and diagnosis for cells, organelles, proteins, DNA/RNA, as well as microbes from a variety of samples. Our experienced scientists follow rigorous guidelines for quality control of every aspect of kits development, including specificity, reproducibility, and stability.

Cell Isolation Kits Development

Creative Diagnostics designs custom Cell Isolation Kits according to the specified cell types or cell surface antigens. For instance, we can conjugate specific antibodies for a particular cell population to magnetic beads to capture the interested cells. We also can design positive or negative selection kits according to the particular antigen employed.

Protein Isolation Kits Development

One commonly encountered challenge, that it is difficult to isolate labile cellular proteins by conventional methods, can be easily solved through immunomagnetic separation. Creative Diagnostics offers custom Protein Isolation Kits Development for the separation of desired proteins. Additionally, Creative Diagnostics has produced a wide range of diagnostic antibodies for immunoassay and separation.

Specific Nucleic Acids Isolation Kits Development

Creative Diagnostics offers custom Nucleic Acids Isolation Kits Development services based on the sequences of targeted DNA/RNA. Specific DNA/RNA can be isolated easily and efficient by our optimized kits.

Magnetic Immunoassay Kits Development

Creative Diagnostics offers custom Magnetic Immunoassay Kits Development services, including Radio Immuno Assay (RIA) and Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay (ELISA) Kits. Magnetic beads serve as the solid phase for immobilization of detection antibody or antigen. Magnetic Immunoassay Kits can be designed for either sandwich or competitive binding assay based on your very specific research objectives.

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