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Antibody Microarray Printing

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Creative Diagnostics offers custom services for Antibody Microarray Printing for both academic and industrial clients. Our Scientists are proficient in microarray printing on glass slides, membrane, or silicon chips with our state-of-the-art chip printing technology.

Creative Diagnostics’s antibody array printing ensures sensitive and specific protein detection to meet your most critical analytic needs. Our state-of-the-art chip printing technology allows researchers to assay more than one thousand proteins on a single slide. Adequate immobilization as well as conformation preservation of the antibody can be realized by optimizing the printing conditions. The subassemblies are carefully integrated to achieve the precision and repeatability required to dispense various patterns of arrays uniformly.

Antibody Microarray Printing

We work with our clients for the substrates selection and design of arrays. Consultations on both printing programs and preparation of sample plates are available for our customers. Our antibody array printing follows Standard Operating Procedures as well as rigorous quality control to optimize your proteins assay.

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