Electroluminescent Quantum Dots (Electroluminescence) for Efficient Light-Emitting Diodes

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Electroluminescent Quantum Dots (Electroluminescence) for Efficient Light-Emitting Diodes
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Creative Diagnostics offers a series of electroluminescent quantum dots for light-emitting diodes (QLED). Quantum dot (QD) light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are ideal for large-panel displays because of their excellent efficiency, colour purity, reliability and cost- efficient fabrication. QD-LEDs fabricated using a QD film as an emitting layer (EML). When a direct-current (DC) voltage is applied, electrons and holes are injected into QDs to emit light. QD-LEDs enable the fabrication of thin, lightweight, and flexible displays with a wide color gamut and high image quality. Because QD-LEDs are suitable for manufacturing via the coating process, they are also expected to reduce the manufacturing cost for larger screens.

A typical QD material is Cd-based QDs. Cd-based quantum-dot light-emitting diodes (QLEDs) have been extensively explored for applications in display and lighting due to their unique merits of high color saturation, tunable emission color, high brightness, and simple solution processability. DiagNano™ Cd-Based QDs exhibit high external quantum efficiency (EQE), the EQEs of red- (R-), green- (G-), and blue- (B-) QLEDs are higher than 18%, 15% and 8%, respectively.

Along with the recent progress, there have been growing concerns regarding the use of QDs containing the Cd element, which is very harmful for the human body and environment. It is still desirable to improve the operating stability of the devices and to replace their toxic cadmium composition with a more environmentally benign alternative. Among the non-Cd QDs, InP QDs have been highlighted as the most promising alternatives to CdSe QDs because of their increasingly enhanced PL characteristics in terms of PL line width and PL QY, mainly enabled by an elaborate control of InP core size distribution and rational multi-shell-based hetero-structural engineering, although the performance of indium phosphide (InP)-based materials and devices has remained far behind those of their Cd-containing counterparts.

Owing to the large bandgap, ZnSe can be large sized to obtain relevant blue color wavelength. The blue QD-LED is based on Cd-free ZnSe-based QDs with the PL peak located at 455 nm.

Creative Diagnostics also can offer Zn(Mg)O solution used as an electronic transportation material for various light-emitting devices due to its wide band gap, weak absorption of visible light and high binding energy. Doping Mg to adjust the forbidden band width, change the electron injection barrier, promote the injection balance of electrons and holes, and improve the luminous efficiency.

Cat. No.Product NameEmission MaxEQEUnit SizeInquiry
DNK-B055-REDiagNano™ Red-Emitting InP/ZnS Quantum Dots630±10 nm~15%25 mgOnline inquiry
DNK-B056-GEDiagNano™ Green-Emitting InP/ZnS Quantum Dots525±10 nm~10%25 mgOnline inquiry
DNK-B057-BEDiagNano™ Blue-Emitting InP/ZnS Quantum Dots470±10 nm~1%25 mgOnline inquiry
DNK-B059-GEDiagNano™ Green-Emitting Cd-Based Quantum Dots525±5 nm>15%30 mgOnline inquiry
DNK-B060-BEDiagNano™ Blue-Emitting Cd-Based Quantum Dots465±5 nm>8%30 mgOnline inquiry
DNK-B061-REDiagNano™ Red-Emitting Cd-Based Quantum Dots625±5 nm>18%30 mgOnline inquiry
DNK-B058-BEDiagNano™ Blue-Emitting ZnSeTe/ZnS Quantum Dots455±10 nm~6%25 mgOnline inquiry

*The measured EQE of the above QDs are obtained on the QLED device, with ZnMgO solution

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