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Poly(ε-caprolactone) (PCL)

Creative Diagnostics provides large selection of uniform poly(ε-caprolactone) (PCL) micro- and nanoparticles with multiple sizes from 100 nm to 500 µm. PCL is US FDA approved biodegradable polymer for use in drug delivery. Since the degradation rate of PCL is very slow, PCL particles are widely used as implantable biomaterial for long-term implantable devices. The sizes of particles are determined by photon correlation spectroscopy, scanning electron microscope or laser diffraction. Our PCL particles are highly spherical, optically clear, and can be applied for controlled drug release, coating materials, bioavailability enhancement, and biomedical devices.

Poly(ε-caprolactone) (PCL)


  • Bioimaging
  • Drug delivery
  • Theranostics
  • Biomedical devices
  • Immunoasssay
  • Sensor
Cat. No. Description Surface Diameter Unit Size Add to basket
DNR-P001 PCL Nanoparticles N/A 0.1 µm 50 mg
DNR-P002 PCL Nanoparticles N/A 0.2 µm 50 mg
DNR-P003 PCL Nanoparticles N/A 0.5 µm 50 mg
DNR-P004 PCL Particles N/A 1 µm 50 mg
DNR-P005 PCL Particles N/A 2 µm 50 mg
DNR-P006 PCL Particles N/A 3.5 µm 50 mg
DNR-P007 PCL Particles N/A 5 µm 50 mg
DNR-P008 PCL Particles N/A 10 µm 50 mg
DNR-P009 PCL Particles N/A 15 µm 50 mg
DNR-P010 PCL Particles N/A 20 µm 50 mg
DNR-P011 PCL Particles N/A 30 µm 50 mg
DNR-P012 PCL Particles N/A 40 µm 50 mg
DNR-P013 PCL Particles N/A 50 µm 50 mg
DNR-P014 PCL Particles N/A 75 µm 50 mg
DNR-P015 PCL Particles N/A 100 µm 50 mg
DNR-P016 PCL Particles N/A 125 µm 50 mg
DNR-P017 PCL Particles N/A 150 µm 50 mg
DNR-P018 PCL Particles N/A 200 µm 50 mg
DNR-P019 PCL Particles N/A 250 µm 50 mg
DNR-P020 PCL Particles N/A 300 µm 50 mg
DNR-P021 PCL Particles N/A 500 µm 50 mg
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