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Other Assays

Creative Diagnostics also provides immunomagnetic separation kits for the detection of bacteria such as E. coli and protozoan such as cryptosporidium and giardia. Beads are conjugated with antibodies specific against the antigen on the cell wall of bacteria or viruses. Our immunomagnetic kits enable the isolation and assay of bacteria and viruses form cells, body fluids as well as environments. Combined with DNA analysis technologies, researchers can evaluate the pathogenicity of a variety of samples.

Cat. No. Product Name Unit Size Add to basket
WHK-V001 MagIso™ E. coli Isolation Kit 20, 100 tests
WHK-V002 MagIso™ Giardia Isolation Kit 40, 60 tests
WHK-V003 MagIso™ Cryptosporidium Isolation Kit 40, 60 tests

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