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Creative Diagnostics provides a series of monodispersed Nanoplates with high morphological yield. The edge length can be readily tuned by varying the reaction parameters. Compared to 0D and 1D counterparts, gold nanoplates (2D anisotropic nanocrystals) have large surface areas, sharp corners, and edges which can provide high enhancement of electric field, therefore, achieve extensive applications including bio-imaging, nanodevices and surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS), etc.



  • High positive surface charge
  • Large specific surface area, high load capacity, easy to modify active groups
  • Safety, environmentally, pollution-free and strong electromagnetic fields
  • Excellent dispersion and stability
Cat. No. Description Diameter Absorption Max Unit Size Add to basket
NE-NP01 Gold Nanoplates 140 ± 25 nm 760 nm, 1055 nm 10 mL
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