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Creative Diagnostics provides a novel class of nanostructures - Nanocages, which are possessing hollow interiors and porous walls. They can have strong absorption (for the photothermal effect) in the near-infrared while maintaining a compact size. Nanocages are well suited for in vivo studies owing to the high transparency of soft tissue in the near-infrared region. Our Standard Gold NanoCages are citrate stabilized. Other ligands, such as Aromatic hydrocarbons, Carboxyl, Amine can be provided as requested.


  • Targeting Cancer Cells
  • Contrast Enhancement Agents
  • Photothermal Therapy
  • Biological Immunoassay
Cat. No. Description Diameter Surface Unit Size Add to basket
NE-NC01 Gold Nanocages 40 nm Citric acid 10 mL
NE-NC02 Gold Nanocages 50 nm Citric acid 10 mL
NE-NC03 Gold Nanocages 60 nm Citric acid 10 mL
NE-NC04 Gold Nanocages 70 nm Citric acid 10 mL
NE-NC05 Gold Nanocages 80 nm Citric acid 10 mL
NE-NC06 Gold Nanocages 100 nm Citric acid 10 mL
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