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Creative Diagnostics provides a series of gold NanoBipyramids (NBPs) in high purity and high monodispersity, exhibiting strong extinction in the near-infrared range. Gold nanobipyramids (NBPs) is one common type of elongated colloidal plasmonic metal nanocrystals, with their longitudinal plasmon wavelengths synthetically tunable over a wide spectral range. Gold nanobipyramids have sharper tips, narrower shape and size distributions than gold nanorods. In the meantime, gold nanobipyramids show more advantageous plasmonic properties than comparable gold nanorods. Gold nanobipyramids present an extremely strong electric field enhancement, which endows them with more advantages in producing smart sensing devices as diagnostic tools in biotechnological and medical applications.



  • High-density optical data storage
  • High-performance chemical biological sensing
  • Plasmonics


  • Strong electric field enhancement and strong extinction in the near-infrared range
  • High purity, high monodispersity with narrow size distribution
Cat. No. Description Diameter Absorption Max Unit Size Add to basket
NS-NBP-20-700 Gold Nanobipyramids 20 nm 700 ± 5 nm 10 mL
NS-NBP-35-780 Gold Nanobipyramids 35 nm 785 ± 5 nm 10 mL
NS-NBP-35-810 Gold Nanobipyramids 35 nm 815 ± 5 nm 10 mL
NS-NBP-45-850 Gold Nanobipyramids 45 nm 850 ± 5 nm 10 mL
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