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Magnetic Silica Particles for DNA & RNA Isolation

The MagIso™ DNA & RNA Magnetic Silica Particles have been developed for rapid and reliable isolation of nucleic acid from plant tissues, whole blood, serum, plasma, buccal swabs, saliva, bacteria, plasmids, forensic samples and other body fluids. The MagIso™ DNA & RNA Magnetic Silica Particles consist of magnetic cores encapsulated into polymer matrix and silica coating with terminal functionalized groups, having excellent magnetic properties. They can be easily adapted to Magnetic Nucleic acid Extraction Instruments to realize automatic high-throughput and high-purity extraction and purification of DNA/RNA.


  • Flexible: manual or automated high-throughput DNA/RNA isolation
  • Stable suspensions: long gravity settling time/low sedimentation rate, about 30 min
  • Fast magnetic response: only 3 seconds for complete separation
  • High yields: up to 10 µg of genomic DNA from 200 µL of whole blood
  • Pure: isolated DNA is immediately ready-to-use in downstream application such as sequencing, in vitro transcription, restriction enzyme digestion, and or transfection of robust cell lines
  • Reproducible results and lot to lot consistency: CV < 5%

Magnetic Silica Particles for DNA & RNA Isolation


An appropriate lysis buffer is first added to the sample, followed by incubation with beads. The beads with bound DNA/RNA are easily pulled to the side of the test tube by applying a magnetic field, and unbound material is removed by aspiration. The magnetic separation also facilitates simple washing and elution of the isolated nucleic acids. The protocol and buffer systems used should be optimized relative to your specific sample type and target material. Magnetic-based methods are ideal for automation of high throughput processing, as they eliminate the need for centrifugation and other time-consuming steps.

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WHK-C024 MagIso™ DNA & RNA Magnetic Silica Particles 10 mL, 100 mL, 250 mL, 1L

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