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Lanthanide-Based Magnetic Particles

The Absolute Mag™ Lanthanide-Based Magnetic Particles is a kind of super-paramagnetic magnetic particles formed by the reaction of a strong lanthanide element (Ln) mono-electronic oxidant with Massart magnetite under high-power ultrasonic irradiation. These particles have a γ-Fe2O3 core and are positively charged, hydrophilic, and not easy to aggregate in aqueous suspensions/ferrofluids due to electrostatic repulsion. Since the lanthanide elements have a characteristic oxidation state of +3 valence, it is readily reacts with the Lewis base, therefore, the particles can also be further functionalization.


CAN-Fe2O3 Nanoparticles are especially recommended here for innovatively gene silencing application. CAN-Fe2O3 Nanoparticles are produced with two critical reaction material, Massart magnetite (Fe3O4) NPs and Ceric Ammonium Nitrate [CAN, CeIV(NH4)2(NO3)6], and Fe3O4 is converted into Fe2O3 as particle core after reaction while CAN encloses a layer of [CeLn]3+/4+ cations on the outer surface of the core. The shell [CeLn]3+/4+ complexes can bind and/or chelate with Lewis base mono and multi-dentate ligands including chelating polymers like a poly-cationic endosomolytic 25 kDa branched b-PEI polymer to create PEI25-CAN- Fe2O3, which enables siRNA/microRNA electrostatic capture and stabilization, cell delivery, and gene silencing.


  • Not easy aggregate in aqueous suspensions due to electrostatic repulsion.
  • Ce3/4+ cation coordinative chemistries and shell COOH provides a novel orthogonal surface chemistry/engineering for drugs, polymers, etc.
  • Innovatively for gene silencing applications with the existence PEI25 (together with MRI tracking features).
Cat.No Description Surface ParticleSize Concentration Unit Size Add to basket
CAN-FN01 CAN-Fe2O3 Nanoparticles N/A 40 nm 3.23 mg/mL 10 mg
CAN-FN02 CAN-Fe2O3 Nanoparticles Alginic acid 120-190 KDa/b-25 KDa-PEI 70 nm 1.3 mg/mL 10 mg
CAN-FN03 CAN-Fe2O3 Nanoparticles Hyaluronic acid 15-30KDa/ b-25 KDa-PEI 96.3 nm 2.075 mg/mL 10 mg
CAN-FN04 CAN-Fe2O3 Nanoparticles Oxidized branched 25 KDa-PEI  124.1 nm 2.8 mg/mL 10 mg
CAN-FN05 CAN-Fe2O3 Nanoparticles Branched 25 KDa PEI 85.9 nm 1.3 mg/mL 10 mg
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