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Gold Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles

Creative Diagnostics offers novel gold coated magnetic nanoparticles, containing unique properties of both magnetic and AuNPs’ surface plasmon resonance. Magnetic nanoparticles, magnetite (Fe3O4) and maghemite (gFe2O3), have been the focus of research over the last decade due to their expansive applications in the field of targeted drug delivery, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), cell labelling and separation, and hyperthermia treatment of cancer. Magnetic nanoparticles are superparamagnetic in nature; they are magnetized only upon application of an external magnetic field. Due to large surface area, magnetic nanoparticles are prone to oxidation by air and aggregation; this limits their use in biomedical applications. Various coating strategies have been employed to protect magnetic nanoparticles from oxidation and aggregation by using polymers and noble metals like gold, silica. Out of them, gold coating offers advantage of being chemically stable and biocompatible. It also provides the possibility of conjugating targeting ligands, drugs using gold-thiol chemistry, and for photothermal destruction of cancer cells. In gold coated magnetic nanoparticles, superparamagnetic nature of magnetic nanoparticles is retained with either a decrease or an increase in the value of saturation magnetization.



  • Magnetic separation
  • Biosensing
  • Magnetic hyperthermia
  • Drug delivery
Cat. No. Description Diameter Absorption Max Surface Unit Size Fluorophore Add to basket
WHM-G178 Au-labeled Magnetic Nanoparticles 250 nm N/A Au 10 mL ×
WHM-GC01 Gold Coated Magnetic Particles, Citrate 50 nm ~536 nm Citrate 1, 5, 25 mL ×
WHM-GC013 Gold Coated Magnetic Particles, Citrate 50 nm ~536 nm Citrate 1 mL ×
WHM-GC014 Gold Coated Magnetic Particles, Citrate 20 nm ~520 nm Citrate 1 mL ×
WHM-GC015 Gold Coated Magnetic Particles, Citrate 15 nm ~ 518 nm Citrate 1 mL ×
WHM-GC02 Gold Coated Magnetic Particles, COOH-PEG 3000Da 50 nm ~536 nm Carboxyl 1, 5, 25 mL ×
WHM-GC03 Gold Coated Magnetic Particles, COOH-PEG 5000Da 50 nm ~536 nm Carboxyl 1, 5, 25 mL ×
WHM-GC06 Gold Coated Magnetic Particles, Citrate 250 nm ~584 nm Citrate 0.5, 1, 5, 10 mL ×

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