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DiagNano™ NeutrAvidin Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles, 55 nm, In-vivo(GCNV-55)


DiagNano™ NeutrAvidin Conjugated Gold Nanopartcles, 55 nm, In-vivo (# GCNV-55) are spherical gold nanoparticles conjugated with NeutrAvidin. These gold nanoparticles can be used especially in-vivo since they are coated in a proprietary dense layer of hydrophilic polymers that shield the gold surface and give the particles ultra-long circulation times. 50 OD nanoparticles are supplied in DI water or other buffers.

55 nm
Surface Coating
Long Circulating Polymer
2.5 mg/mL
Storage Buffer
Stored in DI water. Other buffers such as PBS, MES, Sodium Borate and TRIS are also available. Dry products are also provided.
Unit Size
1 mL
Number of Particles
1.49E+12 particles/mL
Optical Density
50 OD
Absorption Max
533 nm
Store at 2-8°C. Do not freeze.
Shelf Life
1 year

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