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DiagNano™ Gold Conjugation Kit, 30 nm & 40 nm(GCK-B70)

Datasheet Custom Gold Nanoparticle Conjugation

Kit for passive adsorption of antibodies or other proteins to 30 nm and 40 nm gold nanoparticles. Buffer Solution A-D can adjust the pH environment of gold nanoparticles to slightly above the isoelectric point of the coating antibody/protein. As a result, our conjugation kit can keep high specific activity and high efficiency in lateral-flow applications.

Application Notes
Used in lateral flow assays with high specific activity
Kit Components
30 nm Concentrated Gold Solution at 15 O.D./mL, 9 mL; 40 nm Concentrated Gold Sollution at 15 O.D./mL, 9 mL; Buffer Solution A, 1.0 mL; Buffer Solution B, 1.0 mL; Buffer Solution C, 1.0 mL; Buffer Solution D, 1.0 mL; BSA Blocking Agent, 2.0 mL; Drying Solution, 2.0 mL
30 nm, 40 nm
Functional Group
Unit Size
18 mL
Optical Density
15 O.D./mL
Assay Time
Less than 50 minutes
Stored at 2- 8°C. Do not freeze.
Shipping Condition
Room temperature
Shelf Life
2 years

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