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DiagNano™ Carboxyl Gold Nanoshells Conjugation Kits(GCK-150)


Kit for covalent conjugation of proteins and other amine containing ligands to 150 nm gold nanoshells (silica core). Contains enough reagents to run five experiments: 1 purification experiment, 3 conjugation experiments, ans optional 1 blocking experiment.

Kit Components
Kit Components.Quantity
Centrifugal purification column1 prep
Centrifugal column tube1 tube
Purification buffer10 ml
20 OD carboxyl gold nanoshells, 150 nm15 ml
Potassium phosphate reaction buffer50 ml
Sodium phosphate reaction buffer50 ml
PBS reaction buffer1 ml
PETG reagent bottle1 prep
EDC10 mg×3
Sulfo-NHS10 mg×3
100 μL of hydroxylamine quencher100 μL
NCX block buffer5 ml
NCX conjugate diluent10 mL
1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes20 each
NCX lateral flow running buffer10 ml
150 nm
Functional Group
Storage Buffer
0.02 mM potassium carbonate solution.
Unit Size
1 Kit
Absorption Max
780-830 nm

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