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CdTe Quantum Dots

Cat. No. Description Emission Max Quantum Yield Surface Unit Size Add to basket
DNQ-M018 CdTe QDs 510 nm N/A
DNQ-M019 CdTe QDs 520 nm N/A
DNQ-M020 CdTe QDs 530 nm N/A
DNQ-M021 CdTe QDs 540 nm N/A
DNQ-M022 CdTe QDs 550 nm N/A
DNQ-M023 CdTe QDs 560 nm N/A
DNQ-M024 CdTe QDs 570 nm N/A
DNQ-M025 CdTe QDs 580 nm N/A
DNQ-M026 CdTe QDs 590 nm N/A
DNQ-M027 CdTe QDs 600 nm N/A
DNQ-M028 CdTe QDs 610 nm N/A
DNQ-M029 CdTe QDs 620 nm N/A
DNQ-M030 CdTe QDs 630 nm N/A
DNQ-M031 CdTe QDs 640 nm N/A
DNQ-M032 CdTe QDs 650 nm N/A
DNQ-M033 CdTe QDs 660 nm N/A
DNQ-M034 CdTe QDs 670 nm N/A
DNQ-M035 CdTe QDs 680 nm N/A
DNQ-M036 CdTe QDs 690 nm N/A
DNQ-M037 CdTe QDs 700 nm N/A
DNQ-M038 CdTe QDs 710 nm N/A
DNQ-M039 CdTe QDs 720 nm N/A
DNQ-M040 CdTe QDs 630-650 nm N/A ODPA
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