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Carboxylic acid-SAM Formation Reagent(DNG-SAM03)


Carboxylic acid-SAM Formation Reagent is applied for the preparation of carboxylic acid terminated self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on a gold surface of biosensors such as for QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance), SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance) or electrical analysis. Carboxylic acid-SAM can be used as an interface to immobilize a protein or a peptide on a gold surface coupled with carboxyl group activation method using NHS/WSC. Amine Coupling Kit (Cata# DNG-SAM01) is available for protein immobilization on the gold surface coated with a carboxylic acid-SAM. Carboxylic acid-SAM Formation Reagent is especially designed to minimize a non-specific protein adsorption on the surface.

Unit Size
1 µmol x 3
Storage at 0 - 5 °C
Shipping Condition
Ambient temperature

Cat. # Product Name Unit Size Price
DNG-SAM01 Amine Coupling Kit 1 µmol x 3 Online Inquiry
DNG-SAM02 Biotin-SAM Formation Reagent 1 µmol x 3 Online Inquiry
DNG-SAM04 NTA-SAM Formation Reagent 1 µmol x 3 Online Inquiry

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