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Amine Coupling Kit(DNG-SAM01)


Amine coupling is one of the most common methods to immobilize a protein or a small molecule containing primary amine group through a covalent bond on biosensors used in QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance), SPR(Surface Plasmon Resonance) or an electrode analysis. Amine coupling reaction allows to activate a carboxylic group to amine reactive function where a compound containing amine group binds. Amine Coupling Kit contains all necessary reagents and buffer solutions for activation of carboxylic acid, immobilization of protein, and blocking of residual activated ester. The NHS/WSC solution is the activating solution that is easily prepared because each NHS and WSC is subdivided into tubes that only require reconstituting with provided buffer. When 0.2 ml of NHS/WSC solution is used for activation, this kit is sufficient to immobilize about 40 protein samples.

Kit Components
Kit ComponentsQuantityStorage
WSC4 vials4°C
NHS4 vials4°C
Activation buffer20 ml4°C
Reaction buffer10 ml4°C
Blocking solution20 ml4°C
Unit Size
2 mL x 4

Cat. # Product Name Unit Size Price
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