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Absolute Mag™ TEV Protease-Labelled Magnetic Nanoparticles, 500 nm(WHM-TEV01)


Absolute Mag™ TEV Protease-Labelled Magnetic Nanoparticles, 500 nm (# WHM-TEV01) are superparamagnetic nanoparticles and coated with biotin outside. The Tobacco Etch Virus protease (TEVp)-Streptavidin fusion protein is dopped on the surface by affinity intereaction between streptavidin and biotin, which makes the magnetic nanoparticles have highly catalytic activity. The particles are excellent for purification and downstream processing of overexpressed proteins, including the cleavage of affinity tags and solubility promoting partners such as GST and MBP, and can be recovered and reused multiple times.

Application Notes
Suitable for cleavage of affinity tags, identification of TEV sites in proteins, activation/inactivation of engineered proteins.
Particle Size
500 nm
TEVp-Streptavidin fusion protein
Surface Coating
5 mg/mL
Storage Buffer
Shipped in PBS buffer.
Unit Size
2.5 mg
Usage Statement
1) Add particles, buffer, and target protein. 2) Incubate overnight at 30°C on end over end rotator. 3) After incubation, place solution on magnet for 5 min, then remove supernatant. 4) Process supernatant as desired; particles can be washed 3×5 min with storage buffer and stored at 4°C for reuse. Suggested reaction conditions: Utilize 50-100 μL particle suspension per 250 μL-1 mL reaction; conduct reactions at 30-34°C for 6 h to overnight on rotator. Collect beads on magnet for 5 min prior to recovery of supernatant. Beads are active for > 1 month if stored at 4°C. Beads can be reused for multiple protease reactions. Tip: Add DTT or β-ME to a final concentration of 10 mM for optimal substrate proteolysis.
The TEV particles gradually lose activity in cold storage, and activity can be readily restored with the addition of reductant to the proteolysis reaction activity upon reactivation with reductant after storage for two weeks at +4°C.
Shipping Condition
Cold packs

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