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Absolute Mag™ Human ACE2 Conjugated Magnetic Particles(WHM-AB06)


Absolute Mag™ Human ACE2 Conjugated Magnetic Particles (# WHM-AB06 #) are obtained by coupling the biotinylated ACE2 protein to streptavidin magnetic particles. This magnetic particles can capture anything binding to ACE2, and make the following testing easy, such as virus/pseudovirus capture and enrichment, biopanning and flow cytometry. These magnetic particles will be supplied as lyophilized powder (from 0.22 μm filtered PBS pH7.4 including 0.05% Tween-20 and 10% trehalose).

Particle Size
2 μm
Human ACE2 protein
Unit Size
2 mg
Species Reactivity
Usage Statement
a) Reconstitute the magnetic particles, wash the particles and suspended to 1 mg/mL by ultrapure wate. b) Add the prepared particles to your samples. c) Particles can be separated from your samples afterwars using a magnetic plate.
Binding Capacity
> 200 nmol S1 or RBD protein /mg particles
Surface Group Density
> 300 nmol/mg particles
Upon receipt, please store the particles at -20°C for 1 year in lyophilized state. Once the particles reconstitution, please use it immediately. Do not to freeze thaw the particles after reconstitution.

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