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Absolute Mag™ Tosyl Magnetic Particles, 2.8 µm(WHM-L075)


Absolute Mag™ Tosyl Magnetic Particles, 2.8 µm (# WHM-L075) are uniform, superparamagnetic, polystyrene particles coated with a polyurethane layer. These magnetic particles bind proteins physically and chemically through primary amino or sulfhydryl groups, with an increasing number of covalent bonds with higher temperature and pH. Optimal antibody orientation makes these particles an excellent choice for the immunoprecipitation of proteins and protein complexes.

Application Notes
Absolute Mag™ Tosyl Magnetic Particles, 2.8 µm (# WHM-L075) are ideal for protein isolation due to their size and surface chemistry. Any ligand (e.g. antibody, protein, peptide or glycoprotein) containing amino or sulfhydryl groups can be covalently coupled to the particle surface. The particles are also suitable for separating cells and bacteria, as a solid phase in rapid immunoassays, for molecular applications or screening of phage display libraries.
Particle Size
2.8 µm
Functional Group
30 mg/mL
Storage Buffer
Purified water
Unit Size
2 mL
Type Magnetization
2−8 °C
Shipping Condition
Room Temperature
Shelf Life
36 months

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