Absolute Mag™ Thiol Magnetic Particles


Absolute Mag™ Thiol Magnetic Particles (# WHM-N019) offer the flexibility to generate custom and functional magnetic beads with simple bioconjugation to desired molecules. The particles have strong magnetism, sensitivity and binding specificity. In addiition, magnetic separation is fast yet gentle, causing minimal disruption to your target proteins, permitting the isolation and preservation of labile compositions and conformations that might otherwise being interfered.

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Application Notes
With customized surface conjugation and particle functionalities, these particles are ideal for use in a wide variety or applications. Examples of biomolecules that could be covalently coupled to Absolute Mag™ thiol surfaces include primary antibody, protein/peptide, DNA/RNA or other ligands. The resulting bioconjugates could be used to achieve highly specific binding for cell isolation, protein, DNA/RNA purification or immunoprecipitation assays.

qa Q: What's the particle size range?
A: The size range of WHM-N019 is 200-500nm.

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