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MagIso™ T Cell Isolation Kit(WHK-X001)


MagIso™ T Cell Isolation Kit (# WHK-X001) offers the user a quick method of separating T lymphocyte/Particles complexes from blood with the use of a collector magnet. The anti-CD2 monoclonal antibodies coupled to the particle surface specifically bind to the E-rosette receptor on T lymphocytes. The kit requires no cold incubations, rotations, or centrifugations and contains enough immunomagnetic particles to isolate more than 90% of the CD2+ T cells in 1 mL of whole blood.

Application Notes
This kit provides a simple procedure for the isolation of T lymphocytes for use in microcytotoxicity assays using fluorescent dyes. MagIso™ Developer Buffer is a reagent specifically designed to enhance the performance of immunomagnetic particles.
Kit Components
Kit ComponentsStorage
Magnetic Particles2-8 °C
Developer Buffer (10X)2-8 °C
Unit Size
15, 100 isolations
Isolation Method
Positive Selection
Sample Type
Target Cell
T cells

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