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Absolute Mag™ Streptavidin Magnetic Particles, Cross-linked(WHM-S115)

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Absolute Mag™ Streptavidin Magnetic Particles, Cross-linked (# WHM-S115) are streptavidin magnetic particles coated with cross-linked polymer on the surfaces of iron oxide crystals to render them resistant to common organic solvents. Large surface area combined with higher magnetite content (~15%) make them ideal solid phase for use in nucleic acid isolation, protein purification, immunology, and cell separations.

Application Notes
Streptavidin magnetic particles have found widespread use as detection reagents in immunology, biochemistry and cell biology due to their high affinity binding to biotin; Biotin–streptavidin interaction have been exploited in many applications including the development of new reagents for diagnostics such as sandwich magnetic particle enzymelinked immunosorbent assay (MPEIA) and molecular biology studies involving nucleic acids.
Particle Size
~1-2 μm
0.5% w/v
Storage Buffer
PBS, 0.02% NaN3 (some products also contain 0.1% BSA), pH 7.40
Unit Size
10 mL
Type Magnetization
Store at 2-8°C.

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