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Absolute Mag™ Sodium Carboxylate Magnetic Particles, Polyacrylic acid, 200 nm(WHM-C173)


Absolute Mag™ Sodium Carboxylate Magnetic Particles (# WHM-C173) are ferrofluids consisting of an aqueous dispersion of magnetic iron oxides with diameters of 200 nm. The beads are covered with hydrophilic polymers which protect them against aggregation by foreign ions. Terminal functional groups such as ion-exchange groups or reactive groups for covalent immobilization can be used for binding to biomolecules.

Application Notes
Weak cation exchanger; for chemical surface modification
Particle Size
200 nm
Functional Group
Sodium Carboxylate
Surface Coating
Polyacrylic acid
25 mg/mL
Storage Buffer
Unit Size
1 mL
Number of Particles
2.2 x 10^14 particles/g
Type Magnetization
Ion Exchanger Type
Weak cation-exchanger
At 4−8°C. Do not freeze!

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