Absolute Mag™ Protein A Magnetic Particles, Agarose Matrixs


Absolute Mag™ Protein A Magnetic Particles, Agarose Matrixs (# WHM-L086) are magnetic agarose particles covalently coupled with recombinant protein A, which provide rapid and simple purification of antibodies using magnetic separation techniques. The binding capacity of these particles is higher than 30 mg human or rabbit IgG/ mL settled magnetic particles, with a capture time of less than 1 hour. This allows efficient capture of antibodies with high yield and purity. In addition, they can be used multiple times without any significant loss in binding capacity making them very cost-effective.

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Protein A

Application Notes
Provides rapid and simple purification of antibodies using magnetic separation techniques.

Particle Size
45-165 µm

10% v/v

Storage Buffer
20% ethanol

Type Magnetization

Shelf Life
> 4 months

qa Q: What are the main applications of these protein A agarose magnetic particles?
A: These particles are used in applications involving capture of antibody from different species and subclasses. Suitable applications include purification of IgG antibodies from serum and ascites, depletion of IgG from serum, and various immunosorbent techniques, such as immunoprecipitation.
qa Q: What is the average bead diameter?
A: 90 µm
qa Q: Can these particles be used for scFv antibody purification?
A: Yes. As we know, protein A has the capacity to bind to the Fc region of various IgG isoforms and species. In addition, protein A can bind specifically to a human IgG antibody that contain the IGHV3 (Immunoglobulin Heavy Variable 3) domain. scFv antibody fragments are composed of fused light and heavy chain variable fragments, connected by a flexible peptide link. By using a variable heavy chain part that is encoded by the IGHV3-gene, protein A becomes a very useful tool to also purify scFv antibody fragments expressed in bacteria.
qa Q: What are the advantages of your particles over other suppliers?
A: The major advantages of using these protein A agarose magnetic particles compared to others are the low investment cost of the hardware (important for a company or lab that is just starting up, or that wants to expand but doesn’t have the funds for specific instruments), the possibility to process several samples in parallel (this will save a lot of valuable time when screening antibodies from several cultures during development work) and the simplicity of using the beads and the separators.
qa Q: Why do you choose large size of beads and use agarose as the matrix? What are their advantages over polystyrene magnetic beads?
A: We have chosen to use agarose as the base for our magnetic beads, as it is a well-known bioseparation medium. Agarose has low non-specific binding, so the background will generally be low. The beads are porous, which gives them a high surface area and therefor a high binding capacity. The larger size of the beads makes them easier to handle compared to synthetic beads and it also gives them a higher magnetization. High binding capacity and high magnetization makes it possible to use the beads in larger samples (10, 50, 500 ml…).
qa Q: Do you have clients who used your beads in commercial manufacture?
A: Our beads have not yet been used in any commercial manufacture. So far we have focused our sales and marketing efforts on research users. These protein A agarose magnetic beads are not yet validated for purification of therapeutic antibodies, but they can be used for production of diagnostic antibodies and for research use.
qa Q: How is the stability of Protein A on the particle surface?
A: Protein A ligand leakage is measured in the acidic elution fraction.There's 6 ng/mg of eluted IgG (6 ppm) after 15 min contact time.
qa Q: Is there any information on the binding capacity?
A: The binding capacity is 4 mg rabbit IgG/ml bead suspension (40 mg IgG/ml settled beads). Max binding capacity is determined in an overloading test at 5 mg IgG/ml after 60 min reaction. It is 6 mg human IgG/ml bead suspension (60 mg/ml settled beads).

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