Absolute Mag™ Ni-IDA Magnetic Particles


Absolute Mag™ Ni-IDA Magnetic Particles (# WHM-B015) provide a fast, efficient method for purifying His-tagged proteins with high binding capacity and yield, including low background in a convenient fexible format. The particles consist of a magnetic core and precharged with nickel ions via metal-chelating iminodiacetic acid (IDA).

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Application Notes
Absolute Mag™ Ni-IDA Magnetic Particles are suitable for purification of His-tagged proteins. IDA has tridentate chelating group that occupies three of six sites in the nickel coordination sphere. The affinity of histidine residues for immobilized nickel allows selective purification of histidine fusion proteins. And then His-tagged proteins can be eluted from magnetic particles with buffers containing imidazole.

Particle Size
400 nm

0.5 g/25 mL

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