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MagIso™ Natural killer (NK) Cell Isolation Kit, Mouse(WHK-B014)


Non-natural killer (NK) cells are depleted by incubating the sample with the optimized biotin conjugated antibody cocktail mixture followed by incubation with magnetic streptavidin nanoNanoparticles. The magnetically labeled antibody is pulled out by the use of a magnetic separator to leave the target cells intact in the supernatant. The untouched NK cells are collected by decanting the liquid in a clean tube. These are the cells of interest; do not discard the liquid. Some of the downstream applications include functional assays, gene expression, phenotypic characterization, etc. These magnetic nanoparticles can be used wiht both free standing magnets and column-based systems.

Application Notes
Mouse natural killer (NK) cells negative selection.
This kit is designed for the isolation of untouched mouse NK cells from lymphoid tissues. The purity of the CD3-/CD49b+ NK cells fraction typically ranges from 80 to 90%. Removal of dead cells is highly recommend prior to cells isolation. Dead cells can be removed using appropriate centrifugation media or other methods.
Kit Components
For 20 tests:
• 200 µL of biotin-antibody mixture: biotin anti- CD3, CD4, CD8b, CD24, Gr-1, I-A/I-E, CD19, TER-119/Erythroid, F4/80 and Ly-6C
• 200 µL streptavidin magnetic nanoparticles
For 200 tests:
• 2 vials of 1 mL of biotin-antibody mixture each: biotin anti- CD3, CD4, CD8b, CD24, Gr-1, I-A/I-E, CD19, TER-119/Erythroid, F4/80 and Ly-6C
• 2 vials of 1 mL streptavidin magnetic nanoparticles each
Particle Size
130 nm
Storage Buffer
Biotin-antibody mixture: phosphate buffer solution containing 0.09% sodium azide, pH 7.2.
Streptavidin magnetic nanoparticles: aqueous solution containing 0.3% BSA and 0.05% sodium azide.
Unit Size
20 tests, 200 tests
Sample Type
Lymphoid tissue
2-8 °C

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