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DiagNano™ NHS Gold Nanorods, diameter 25 nm, absorption max 808 nm(RFN-25-808)

Datasheet Custom Gold Nanoparticle Conjugation

50 OD NHS-Activated gold nanorods with 25 nm diameter, longitudinal SPR absorbance max 808 nm. 250 OD concentrated nanorods are also available.

Application Notes
DiagNano™ NHS-Activated Gold Nanorods are suitable for convenient one-step covalent conjugation of proteins and other amine containing ligands.
25 nm
90 nm
Functional Group
Storage Buffer
DI water. Other buffers such as PBS, MES, TRIS and sodium borate are also available.
Unit Size
1 mL
Number of Particles
3.24E+12 particles/mL
Optical Density
50 OD (250 OD are also available.)
Absorption Max
808 nm
This product should be stored at 4°C after opening. Care must be taken to only use sterile glassware when working with this product.
Shelf Life
When stored as specified the product is stable for at least six months.

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