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Absolute Mag™ Maleimide Magnetic Particles, 3 μm(WHM-X092)


Absolute Mag™ Maleimide Magnetic Particles, 3 μm (WHM-X092) are superparamagnetic nanoparticles modified with maleimide groups for protein/peptides immobilization via thiol (SH) groups. Thiol modified oligonucleotides, antibodies or other ligands can easily be coupled to the nanoparticles with rapid binding chemistry and low non-specific binding. Absolute Mag™ Maleimide Magnetic Particles have a large surface area, high capacity, efficient magnetic pull and a slow sedimentation rate during incubation.

Application Notes
Immobilization of thiol modified labile proteins/peptides and nucleic acid. Ideal for immunoprecipitation/purification of proteins and protein complexes, coupling functional enzymes to the bead surface for downstream assays, and identifying protein binding partners. Captured proteins and protein complexes are easily separated, washed and eluted.
Particle Size
3 μm
Functional Group
5% in lyophilized powder
Unit Size
50 mg, 300 mg
Number of Particles
7x10^7 particles/mg
Bead Magnetic Content
Binding Capacity
>20 µg IgG per mg particles
-20 °C

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