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Human Cytokine Antibody Array, 440 Targets(WHA-R035)


Human Cytokine Antibody Array (# WHA-R035). Detects 440 Human Inflammatory Factors, Growth Factors, Chemokines, Receptors, and Cytokines. Suitable for all liquid sample types.

2B4(CD244), 4-1BB(TNFRSF9/CD137), 6Ckine(CCL21), ACE-2, Activin A, ADAM-12, ADAM-8, ADAM-9, ADAMTS-13, Adiponectin(ACRP30), Adipsin(Complement Factor D), aFGF(FGF-1), Aggrecan, AgRP, Albumin, ALCAM(CD166), Alpha-fetoprotein, AMICA, Amphiregulin, Angiogenin, Angiopoietin-1, Angiopoietin-2, Angiopoietin-4, Angiostatin, Angiotensinogen(SERPINA8), ANGPTL3, ANGPTL4, APRIL, Axl, B7-H1(CD274), B7-H3(CD276), BAFF, BCAM, BCMA(TNFRSF17), BDNF, beta IG-H3, Beta-2 Microglobulin, Betacellulin(BTC), beta-NGF, bFGF, BLC(CXCL13), BMP-2, BMP-4, BMP-5, BMP-7, BMP-9, BMPR-IA(ALK-3), BMPR-IB, BMPR-II, C5a, CA125, CA15-3, CA19-9, CA9, Cadherin-11, Cadherin-13, Cadherin-4, Cathepsin B, Cathepsin L, Cathepsin S, CCL28(MEC), CD14, CD147(EMMPRIN), CD155(PVR), CD163, CD200, CD229(SLAMF3), CD23, CD26(DPPIV), CD27(TNFRSF7), CD30(TNFRSF8), CD40(TNFRSF5), CD40 Ligand(TNFSF5), CD48(SLAMF2), CD58(LFA-3), CD6, CD80(B7-1), CD84(SLAMF5), CD97, CD99, CEA, CEACAM-1, CEACAM-5, Chemerin, CHI3L1, CHL-1(L1CAM-2), Ck beta 8-1(CCL23), Clusterin, CNTF, Coagulation Factor III(Tissue Factor/Thromboplastin), Coagulation Factor XIV(Protein C), Cripto-1, CRP(C-Reactive Protein), CRTAM, CTACK(CCL27), CTLA-4(CD152), CXCL14(BRAK), CXCL16, Cystatin A, Cystatin B, Cystatin C, Cystatin E/M, DAN, DcR3, Decorin, Desmoglein-2, DKK-1, Dkk-3, Dkk-4, DLL1, DNAM-1(CD226), DR3(TNFRSF25), DR6(TNFRSF21), Dtk, E-Cadherin, EDA-A2, EGF, EGFR, EG-VEGF(PK1), ENA-78(CXCL5), Endoglin(CD105), Eotaxin-1(CCL11), Eotaxin-2(MPIF-2/CCL24), Eotaxin-3(CCL26), ErbB2, ErbB3, ErbB4(HER4), Erythropoietin R, ESAM, E-Selectin, FABP2, FAP, Fas(TNFRSF6/Apo-1), Fas Ligand(TNFSF6), Fc gamma RIIB/C(CD32B/C), Ferritin, Fetuin A, FGF-19, FGF-21, FGF-4, FGF-6, FGF-7(KGF), FGF-9, FLRG, Flt-3 Ligand, FOLH1(PSMA), Follistatin, Follistatin-like 1, FOLR1, Fractalkine(CX3CL1), FSH, Furin, Galectin-1, Galectin-2, Galectin-3, Galectin-7, Galectin-9, Gas 1, GASP-1(WFIKKNRP), GASP-2(WFIKKN), GCP-2(CXCL6), GCSF, GCSF R(CD114), GDF-15, GDNF, GITR(TNFRSF18), GITR Ligand(TNFSF18), GM-CSF, gp130, Granulysin(NKG5/LAG-2), GRO alpha(CXCL1), GRO alpha/beta/gamma, Growth Hormone, HAI-2, HB-EGF, HCC-1(CCL14), HCC-4(CCL16), HCG beta, HGF, HGFR, HVEM(TNFRSF14), I-309(TCA-3/CCL1), ICAM-1(CD54), ICAM-2(CD102), ICAM-3(CD50), ICOS, IFN-alpha / beta R2, IFN-gamma, IGF-1, IGF-1 R, IGF-2, IGF-2 R, IGFBP-1, IGFBP-2, IGFBP-3, IGFBP-4, IGFBP-5, IGFBP-6, IL-1 alpha(IL-1 F1), IL-1 beta(IL-1 F2), IL-1 F10(IL-1HY2), IL-1 F5(FIL1 delta), IL-1 F6(FIL1 epsilon), IL-1 F7(FIL1 zeta), IL-1 F8(FIL1 eta), IL-1 F9(IL-1 H1), IL-1 R1, IL-1 R2, IL-1 R3(IL-1 R Acp), IL-1 R4(ST2), IL-1 R4(ST2), IL-1 R5(IL-18 R alpha), IL-1 R6(IL-1 Rrp2), IL-1 ra(IL-1 F3), IL-10, IL-10 R alpha, IL-10 R beta, IL-11, IL-12 p40, IL-12 p70, IL-13, IL-13 R alpha 2, IL-13 R1, IL-15, IL-15 R alpha, IL-16, IL-17 RA, IL-17 RB, IL-17A, IL-17B, IL-17C, IL-17E(IL-25), IL-17F, IL-18, IL-18 BP alpha, IL-18 R beta(AcPL), IL-2, IL-2 R alpha, IL-2 R beta(CD122), IL-2 R gamma(Common gamma Chain), IL-20, IL-21, IL-21 R, IL-23, IL-24, IL-27, IL-28A(IFN-lambda 2), IL-29(IFN-lambda 1), IL-3, IL-31, IL-32 alpha, IL-33(IL-1 F11), IL-34, IL-4, IL-5, IL-5 R alpha, IL-6, IL-6 R, IL-7, IL-8(CXCL8), IL-9, Insulin, IP-10(CXCL10), I-TAC(CXCL11), JAM-A(CD321/F11R), JAM-B(VE-JAM/CD322), Kallikrein 14, Kallikrein 5, LAG-3, LAP/TGF beta 1, Layilin, LDL R, Legumain, Leptin, Leptin R, LIF, Light(TNFSF14), LIMPII, Lipocalin-2(NGAL), LOX-1, LRIG3, LRP-6, L-Selectin(CD62L), Lymphotactin(XCL1), LYVE-1, Marapsin, MBL, MCP-1(CCL2), MCP-2(CCL8), MCP-3(MARC/CCL7), MCP-4(CCL13), M-CSF, M-CSF R, MDC(CCL22), MEPE(OF45), Mer, MICA, MICB, Midkine, MIF, MIG(CXCL9), MIP-1 alpha(CCL3), MIP-1 beta(CCL4), MIP-1 delta(CCL15), MIP-3 alpha(CCL20), MIP-3 beta(CCL19), MMP-1, MMP-10, MMP-13, MMP-2, MMP-3, MMP-7, MMP-8, MMP-9, MPIF-1(CCL23), MSP alpha/beta, NAP-2(PPBP/CXCL7), NCAM-1(CD56), Nectin-4, Neprilysin, NGFR(TNFRSF16), Nidogen-1, Notch-1, NOV(CCN3), NrCAM, NRG1-beta 1(HRG1-beta 1), NSE, NT-3, NT-4, Oncostatin M, Osteoactivin(GPNMB), Osteopontin(SPP1), Osteoprotegerin(TNFRSF11B), PAI-1, PARC(CCL18), P-Cadherin, PD-1, PDGF R beta, PDGF-AA, PDGF-AB, PDGF-BB, PECAM-1(CD31), Pentraxin-3(TSG-14), Pepsinogen 1, Periostin, Persephin, PGRPs, Platelet factor 4(CXCL4), PLGF, Pref-1(DLK-1/FA1), Procalcitonin, Prolactin, Prostasin, PSA-free, RAGE, RANK(TNFRSF11A), RANTES(CCL5), RBP4, Renin, Resistin, RGM-B, ROBO3, S100 A8, SCF, SCF R(CD117/c-kit), SDF-1 alpha(CXCL12 alpha), SDF-1 beta(CXCL12 beta), SERPINA4, sFRP-3, SIGIRR, Siglec-10, Siglec-5(CD170), Siglec-7(CD328), Siglec-9, SLAM(CD150), Sonic Hedgehog N-Terminal(Shh-N), SOST, SP-D, Syndecan-1, Syndecan-3, Syndecan-4, TACE, TACI(TNFRSF13B), TARC(CCL17), TECK(CCL25), Testican 2(SPOCK2), TFPI, TGF alpha, TGF beta 1, TGF beta 2, TGF beta 3, TGF beta R3, Thrombomodulin, Thrombopoietin(TPO), Thrombospondin 1, Thrombospondin 2, Thrombospondin 5(COMP), Thyroglobulin, Tie-1, Tie-2, TIM-1(KIM-1), TIM-3(KIM-3), TIMP-1, TIMP-2, TIMP-4, TLR2, TLR4, TNF alpha, TNF beta(TNFSF1B), TNF RI(TNFRSF1A), TNF RII(TNFRSF1B), TRAIL(TNFSF10), TRAIL R1(TNFRSF10A/DR4), TRAIL R2(TNFRSF10B/DR5), TRAIL R3(TNFRSF10C), TRAIL R4(TNFRSF10D), TRANCE(TNFSF11), Transferrin, Trappin-2, TREM-1, TROP1(EpCAM), Troponin I, TSH, TSLP, TWEAK(TNFSF12), ULBP-1, ULBP-2(ALCAN-alpha/N2DL2), uPA, uPAR, VCAM-1(CD106), VE-Cadherin(CDH5), VEGF-A, VEGF-C, VEGF-D, VEGFR1, VEGFR2, VEGFR3, WIF-1, WISP-1(CCN4), XEDAR
Number of Targets Detected
Species Reactivity
Detection Method
Fluorescence Laser Scanner
Solid Support
Glass Slide
Assay Type
Principle of the assay
Sample Type
Cell Culture Supernatants, Plasma, Serum, Tissue Lysates, Cell Lysates
Usage Statement
This product is furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

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