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Absolute Mag™ Anti-Goat IgG (H&L) Magnetic Particles(WHM-S068)


Absolute Mag™ Donkey anti-Goat IgG (H&L) Magnetic Particles (# WHM-S068) are polystyrene magnetic particles with polyclonal donkey anti-goat IgG (H&L) antibody covalently bound to the bead surface. The solution containing secondary antibodies is passed through a column matrix containing Ck, GP, Sy, Hms, Hrs, Hu, Ms, Rb, Rat Sr proteins, in order to increase the specificity of the antibody. The beads can react with the heavy and light chains of Goat IgG and may also react with the light chains of other goat immunoglobulins.the beads are ideal for direct or indirect isolation of proteins and cells during immunomagnetic separation.

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