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DiagNano™ Fluorophore Labeled Gold Nanorods, diameter 25 nm, absorption max 700 nm(RFL-25-700)



50 OD fluorophore labeled gold nanorods with 25 nm diameter, longitudinal SPR absorbance max 700 nm. The fluorophore can be IRDye 800, Alexa Fluor 750, Alexa Fluor 680, Cy5.5, Alexa Fluor 647, Cy5, Alexa Fluor 633, Alexa Fluor 594, Texas Red, Alexa Fluor 546, Alexa Fluor 555, FITC and Alexa Fluor 488. These nanorods are available with the following active groups or ligands: amine, biotin, carboxyl, maleimide, methyl, neutravidin, NHS, streptavidin, MUTAB, protein A and secondary antibodies.

Application Notes
Fluorophore labeled gold nanorods are suitable for in vitro dark field, bright field, and fluorescence imaging come in numerous conjugations.
25 nm
75 nm
Functional Group
Storage Buffer
Buffer is customer determined.
Unit Size
1 mL
Number of Particles
3.96E+12 particles/mL
Optical Density
50 OD (250 OD are also available.)
Absorption Max
700 nm
This product should be stored at 4°C.
Shelf Life
When stored as specified the product is stable for at least six months.

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