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MagIso™ EpCAM Exosome Isolation Kit, Serum Plasma(WHK-J004)


MagIso™ EpCAM Exosome Isolation Kit for Serum Plasma (# WHK-J004) is a kit for exosome isolation and enrichment designed and optimized for use with serum, plasma and cell culture supernatant. Exosomes are extracellular vesicles secreted by most cell types and contain these marker proteins and microRNAs. MagIso™ uses functionalized magnetic microparticles for exosome separation. These particles are coated with a hydrophilic polymer to decrease non-specific binding and antibody which specifically bind to exosomes.

Application Notes
MagIso™ enables you to separate exosomes from serum, plasma and cell culture supernatant. Isolated exosomes can be used for western blot, ELISA, electron microscopy, flow cytometery and qRT-PCR.
Kit Components
Kit ComponentsQuantityStorage
EpCAM Magnetic Particles, 3 μm2 mL4°C. DO NOT FREEZE.
Treatment Buffer30 mL4°C. DO NOT FREEZE.
Washing/Dilution Buffer60 mL4°C. DO NOT FREEZE.
Exosome Elution Buffer1.5 mL4°C. DO NOT FREEZE.
Unit Size
20 samples
Number of Particles
1.2E+8 particles/mL
Sample Type
Serum, Plasma, Cell Culture Supernatants

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