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DiagNano™ Covalent Quantum Dots Antibody Labeling Kit, 625 nm(DNK-L005)


Covalent Quantum Dots Antibody Labeling Kit, excitation at 405/488 nm, emission at 625 nm. Highly efficient and site-specific labeling attaches quantum dots to the heavy chains of an IgG antibody, which ensures the antigen binding domains intact for binding to antigen target. 1 kit for labeling 100 µg antibody.

Application Notes
Antibody labeling, antibody conjugation, confocal or traditional fluoresce microscopy
Kit Components
Antibody preparation buffer (Component A)
Antibody concentrator (small) (Component B)
Collection tube (Component C)
β-Galactosidase (Component D)
UDP-GalNAz (Component E)
20X Tris pH 7.0 (Component F)
Buffer additive (Component G)
β-1,4-galactosyltransferase (GalT) (Component H)
Antibody concentrator (large) (Component I)
Unit Size
1 kit
Absorption Max
405/488 nm
Emission Max
625 nm
Store the entire kit at 2 to 6°C upon reciept away from light. DO NOT FREEZE!
Shipping Condition
Shipped at ambient temperature.
Quantum Yield

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