Absolute Mag™ Cyanuric Magnetic Particles, Silica, 0.75 μm


Absolute Mag™ Cyanuric Magnetic Particles 0.5 μm (# WHM-C059) can provide an easy and fast covalent immobilization of enzymes to the terminal autoreactive cyanuric-groups. This is a unique product accounting for the rapidly increasing number and variation of novel and different receptor-affine biological substances.

Antibody Array
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Functional Group
Cyanuric chloride

Application Notes
The cyanuric magnetic particles are particularly useful in applications of covalent immobilization of enzymes with very high efficiency.

Particle Size
0.75 μm

50 mg/mL, 4.2 x 10^12 particles/g

Storage Buffer

Type Magnetization

Shelf Life
Two years after production date.

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