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MagIso™ CX3CR1 Cell Isolation Kit, Mouse(WHK-B017)


CX3CR1+ Microglia are either selected or depleted by incubating your sample with the CX3CR1-Biotin followed by the streptavidin magnetic nanoNanoparticles. The magnetically labeled antibody is pulled out by the use of a magnetic separator. After collection of the CX3CR1+ cells, downstream applications include functional assays, gene expression, phenotypic characterization, etc. These magnetic nanoparticles can be used wiht both free standing magnets and column-based systems.

Application Notes
Mouse CX3CR1 microglia cells positive selection.
Designed for the isolation of microglia from C57BL/6 neonatal and adult brain. Tissue enzymatic digestion, followed by percoll fractionation, is recommended.
Kit Components
Kit ComponentsQuantityStorage
Streptavidin magnetic nanoparticles100 μL-10 tests/1 mL-100 tests2-8 °C
Biotin-antibody mixture: Biotin anti-CX3CR1100 μL-10 tests/1 mL-100 tests2-8 °C
Particle Size
130 nm
Storage Buffer
Biotin-antibody: phosphate buffer solution containing 0.09% sodium azide, pH 7.2.
Streptavidin magnetic nanoparticles: aqueous solution containing 0.3% BSA and 0.05% sodium azide.
Unit Size
10 tests, 100 tests
Sample Type
C57BL/6 neonatal and adult brain

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