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MagIso™ CD81 Exosome Isolation Kit, 32 Samples(WHK-S017)


The MagIso™ CD81 Exosome Isolation Kit, 32 Samples (# WHK-S017) enables the high-throughput, plate-based immunopurification of exosomes directly from serum or from concentrated exosomes from media. The magnetic particles are provided pre-coupled with CD81 antibody for selective isolation of exosomes from 32 samples simultaneously. The kit contains all of the reagents for 32 samples. Exosomes in serum or plasma samples can be immunopurified directly by adding to the IP magnetic particles. We recommend concentrating exosomes first from media, urine and CSF before immunopurifcation. Choose from exosome IP antibodies for CD81 surface markers. The exosome are immunopurified and eluted intact-allowing for downstream functional studies as well as for exoRNA and protein biomarker analyses.

Application Notes
Exosome Isolation for FACS
Kit Components
Kit ComponentsQuantityStorage
Clear plate (8 well strips) and covers1 plate4°C
Capture Antibody Pre-coupled Magnetic Particles1 vial4°C
Wash buffer (20X stock)1 vial4°C
Exosome Elution Buffer1 vial4°C
Clearing Reagent1 vial4°C
Unit Size
32 reactions
Sample Type
Serum, Concentrated Exosomes from media
Shipping Condition
The kit components are shipped on blue ice.

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