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MagIso™ CD4 T Cell Isolation Kit, Human(WHK-B001)


Non CD4+ T cells are depleted by incubating your sample with the biotin antibody cocktail followed by incubation with magnetic Streptavidin Nanoparticles. The magnetically labeled fraction is retained by the use of a magnetic separator. The untouched CD4+ T cells are collected by decanting the liquid in a clean tube. These are your cells of interest; do not discard the liquid. Some of the downstream applications include functional assays, gene expression, phenotypic characterization, etc.

Application Notes
This kit is designed for the isolation of untouched CD4+ T cells from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs).
Kit Components
Kit ComponentsQuantityStorage
Streptavidin magnetic nanoparticles100 μL-10 tests/1 mL-100 tests2-8 °C
Biotin-Antibody Cocktail: Biotin anti- CD8a, CD11b, CD16, CD14, CD19, CD20, CD36, CD56, TCR-γδ, CD123, CD235ab100 μL-10 tests/1 mL-100 tests2-8 °C
Unit Size
10, 100 tests
Species Reactivity
Isolation Method
Negative Selection
Sample Type
Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs)
Target Cell
CD4+ T cells

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