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MagIso™ CD31 Exosome Isolation Kit for FACS(WHK-S004)


MagIso™ CD31 Exosome Isolation Kit for FACS (# WHK-S004) is for the selective capture and flow sorting to purify distinct subpopulations of exosomes, based on a particular surface marker. You will first enrich for all exosomes. The isolated exosomes are then resuspended and bound to the magnetic particles for specific capture and subsequent FACS analysis and sorting. The MagIso™ CD31 Exosome Isolation Kit for FACS is modular, thus you can select from various pre-validated capture antibody kits, or utilize your own biotinylated antibody corresponding to the exosome surface marker specific for the exosomes of interest in your model system. We has thoroughly tested a variety of capture antibodies that work quite well to flow-sort exosomes from either serum or cell culture samples.

Application Notes
Exosome Isolation for FACS
Kit Components
• Streptavidin Magnetic Particles (9.1 µm, 400μL at 10 mg/mL, 1.6x10^7 particles/mL, 1.6x10^6 particles/mg)
• CD31-biotin Capture Antibody (100 ng/μL in PBS, 100 μL)
• Particle Wash buffer (60 mL)
• Exosome Stain Buffer (3 mL)
• FITC Exosome Stain (100 μL)
• Exosome Elution Buffer (3 mL)
Unit Size
10 reactions
Sample Type
Concentrated Exosomes from media
Store at 4°C upon receipt.

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