Absolute Mag™ C18 Magnetic Particles


Absolute Mag™ C18 Magnetic Particles (# WHM-B011) are uniform silica-based magnetic particles containing hydrophobic C-18 Alkyl groups on their surface. The particles are specifically designed for quickly purifying, desalting and concentrating of peptides or proteins, manually or automatically without the need for laborious repeat pipetting and centrifugation.

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Functional Group

Application Notes
Peptides bind to Absolute Mag™ C18 Magnetic Particles via hydrophobic adsorption interactions between the peptide and the hydrophobic surface of the particles. This interaction is usually so strong that organic solvents (e.g. acetonitrile) are needed to break it. Peptides can therefore be separated from the particles according to their relative hydrophobicities using stepwise desorption in increasing concentrations of organic solvents.

Particle Size
400 nm

0.5 g/25 mL

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