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Absolute Mag™ Anti-Biotin Magnetic Particles(WHM-M002)


Absolute Mag™ Anti-Biotin Magnetic Particles (# WHM-M002) have been developed for magnetic labeling and separation of cells or other biological materials that are labeled with a biotinylated primary antibody or ligand, or with a cocktail of biotinylated antibodies. The biotinylated molecule is recognized by a monoclonal anti-biotin antibody coupled to Magnetic Particles. Anti-Biotin Magnetic Particles do not bind free biotin, which is often present in culture media. This feature provides the most sensitive labeling and separation of cells.

Application Notes
Anti-Biotin Magnetic Particles are ideal for positive selection, even of cells with low antigen expression, or for depletion. Anti-Biotin Magnetic Particles have been used for the separation of murine αE-CD25+ and αE-CD25- T cell subsets and for the isolation of CD45.2+ cells from the bone marrow of chimeric mice. They have also been used for the enrichment of human CD94+ NK cells. Anti-Biotin Magnetic Particles UltraPure have been especially designed for high-efficient cell isolation even from debris-rich samples and starting materials with increased amount of dead cells.
Particle Size
50 nm
Mouse Anti-biotin Antibody
Storage Buffer
Containing stabilizer and 0.05% sodium azide.
Unit Size
2 mL
Type Magnetization
Target Molecule
Antibody Fragment
Store protected from light at 2−8°C. Do not freeze.

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