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SpecNano™ Biotin Conjugated Gold Nanostars, 50 nm(CGSB-50)


50 OD biotin gold nanostars, 50 nm diameter, absorbance max 585 nm, are monodispersed gold nanostars conjugated with biotin molecules and have a narrow size distribution (<10%). There is a PEG (10 kDa) spacer-SH between the gold surface and biotin molecules. These nanostars are suitable for binding of streptavidin labeled conjugates.

50 nm
Storage Buffer
Supplied in USP grade purified water
Unit Size
0.5 mL, 1 mL
Number of Particles
1.76E+12 particles/mL
Optical Density
50 OD
Absorption Max
585 nm
Size Distribution
Surface Group Density
~0.5 Biotin group/nm2
Store product away from direct sunlight at 4°C. Do NOT freeze. When stored as specified the product is stable for at least twelve months.

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