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DiagNano™ Amine Porous Silica Particles, 20 μm(PSP-41)


DiagNano™ Amine Porous Silica Particles, 20 μm (Cat# PSP-41) are monodisperse, porous silica microparticles used for chromatography with high loading capacity, strong mechanical strength, and superior separation capability. These microparticles have a hydrophilic surface with terminal amine groups. These porous silica particles are available with the following pore sizes: 100 Å, 120 Å. Other pore sizes are available upon request. These partilces are stable in pH 2-8.

Application Notes
• Normal phase: analysis and seperation of monosaccharides, not suitable for compounds that contains aldehyde groups or carbonyl groups, and reducing sugars.
• Reversed-phase: analysis and seperation of polar compounds.
• Weak anion exchange modes: analysis and seperation of negative molecules and amino acids without derivation.
20 μm
Functional Group
Unit Size
100 g, 500 g, 1 Kg, 10 Kg

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