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Absolute Mag™ BSA Magnetic Particles, 100 nm(WBM-M006)


Absolute Mag™ BSA Magnetic Particles, 100 nm are dextran iron oxide composite particles provided with covalently bound bovine serum albumin (BSA), which makes these particles more hydrophilic and biocompatible. At the same time, similar particles with HAS on the surface are achievable if requested. These protein-coated particles can be easily separated with permanent magnets. The supplying system is PBS buffer (pH=7.4) with 0.02 % sodium azide.

Polydispersity Index
< 0.25
Particle Size
100 nm.
5 mg/mL
Storage Buffer
PBS (0.02 % sodium azide).
Unit Size
5 mL
Number of Particles
6.9E+12 particles/mL
Bead Magnetic Content
2.4 mg/ml
Binding Capacity
1.5-2.0 µg albumin (BSA)/mg particle (ca. 8-9 molecule albumin per particle)
1.4 g/ccm
63 Am2/kg iron (H = 80 kA/m)
Saturation Magnetization
>77 Am2/kg iron (H> 800 kA/m)
Coercive Field Hc
0.223 kA/m
Stable in aqueous buffers pH> 4. Not stable in organic solvents, acidic solutions pH < 4.
Storage at 2-8°C.
Shelf Life
3 months

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