Creative Diagnostics offers accessories and devices for the handling of magnetic beads products and kits. They are mainly used to separate the magnetic beads from the test solutions. We offertwo formats of magnetic separators: plate separator and tube separator. We also provide agitator and magnet to make the handling of materials much easier.

Magnetic Plate Separator

The CD IsoTM Magnetic Plate Separator is a magnetic rack that allows paramagnetic bead precipitation of liquid samples from various microplates, which can be used for isolation and purification of nucleic acids and proteins, immunoprecipitation, ELISA etc.


• Ultra-Powerful NdFeB Magnets
• Efficient Particle Washing
• Ideal for small scale coupling reactions (10µl to 2 mL)

Magnetic Tube Separator

The CD IsoTM Magnetic Tube Separator is intended for magnetic particle isolations in bead coupling reactions. Various specifications for different tube sizes are provided.


• Flexible compatibility for most magnetic beads or particles
• High-grade neodymium iron magnets
• Maximum sample concentration
• Efficient particle washing

Cat.# Product Name Size Price
WHK-MS001 CD Iso™ 96-Well Magnetic Plate Separator 96-well Inquiry
WHK-MS002 CD Iso™ 6-Well Magnetic Plate Separator 6-well Inquiry
WHK-MS003 CD Iso™ 2 mL Magnetic Tube Separator 1.5/2 mL Inquiry
WHK-MS004 CD Iso™ 5 mL Magnetic Tube Separator 5 mL Inquiry
WHK-MS005 CD Iso™ 15 mL Magnetic Tube Separator 15 mL Inquiry
WHK-MS006 CD Iso™ 50 mL Magnetic Tube Separator 50 mL Inquiry

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